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Sort My Stuff ! Store link
"Sort My Stuff !" is the ultimate organizer app available for all Windows Devices! Create a visual inventory of your stuff, search and find everything in seconds! You can categorize all your items selecting a Location and an Area for them: Location>Area>Items. For each item you may specify: Name, Category, Quantity, Price, Additional Information (like a serial number or a description). A photo can also be attached to each item, the more photos you add the more time it will take to export your configurations. The search function lets you find items by Name or Category. Now you can also share each item to Facebook or any other app. Now you can associate a QR Code to each Area and later find the Items of that Area just by scanning the QR Code! Perfect for: -Home Inventory -For Your Move -Small Business Inventory The configurations are saved safely on your device (or where you export them), no need to worry about sharing your data on the net! The color of the GUI is adjusted to match the color of your device theme! (Can be disabled by the user). Trial version never expires. Features only available in paid version: *Banner free experience *Export and Import your inventory to/from anywhere (device memory, SD card, OneDrive*). This allows you to backup all your data and have different inventories for different houses and places. *QR Code for Areas *Printable reports The app has only been tested on hololens emulator and while it's fully functioning it doesn't include any 3D hologram or any other hololens specific feature (yet!)
Anti Theft Band Alarm Store link
This app protects you from phone theft and curious people. This is the most secure antitheft app that can be found on Windows Phone store. By default the alarm is triggered when the phone is moved, you can now safely leave you phone around and you'll be warned if someone picks it up! Movement detection can be disabled and ambient-light-variation can be enabled instead (see below). Microsoft Band is now supported. A long vibration is sent to the Band if the alarm is triggered. Please be aware that having many Band app executing in background may result in conflicts, try to have only one background app running at a time. New feature: use the Band tile to Pause/Resume app execution without having to open the app. Suspending or closing the app will not stop the theft-detection background engine which can only be stopped by opening the app and disabling it. The detection engine is activated after the selected delay, each detection triggers 4 alarm notifications with sound (sound can be disabled). Minimal battery usage! The deactivation can also be protected with a pin. Submit the new pin when the engine is not active and press the Return key. If you forget your pin you will have to uninstall and reinstall the application so using the native screen lock pin of the OS itself is the reccomended solution. You can even put the phone in a bag and activate the bag-safe option (beta feature, only available to phones with a light-sensor) to prevent people from opening your bag, this can be very usefull at the beach or while playing sports.
Sex Trainer For Band Store link
Spice up your Microsoft Band experience with this sexy app! These bunnies need some in-bed-training, do you want to train with them? Wear your Microsoft Band and start training with your partner, the two bunnies will keep your Love Rate (i.e. HeartRate) pace and train with you. Calories are tracked too! (Optional)Photo Mode: when enabled, the two bunnies will also take pictures of you while you perform (you can choose front or back camera); they decide when to take a shot on their own without any input from the user. (Optional)Training Voice: the male or female bunny can comment your training session. You can also customize the phrases and the spoken language pronunciation (e.g. use your native language instead of english). You can review all your past training sessions and see your top results. You can then share to Facebook or any other app your last results, best results and each single photo. (Male users only) You can also have some training by yourself, just wear the band on your training arm and start with the ''Alone Session'' button (you can find a lot of "training material" on the net to help you in your efforts!). Note that due to Microsoft Band SDK there is some seconds delay during alone sessions, this can't be avoided. Photos are not synchronized among Windows 10 devices. Only other statistics are shared. Your data (photos stats etcetc) will remain on your phone 100% guaranteed, no data will be ever uploaded anywhere.
Horror Fists For Band Store link
This game is all about reflexes and endurance. You don't have to be a boxer to play it! The rules are simple: count the number of monsters on screen and throw as many punches as their number before they disappear. Be careful not to hit humans! Punch recognition will count as valid only direct punches thrown in front of you (technically jab and cross punches). While the game progresses the rules will change and you'll receive hints on what to do. The game has both online leaderboards and local scores to challenge your friends and the entire world! This game is tested to work on mobile devices, PCs, laptops and tablets. Continuum is supported too!